As the days lengthen and the bulbs throw up their new leaves, I have been out painting in the lanes and holloways of West Dorset, finding new approaches to old sites. I work with my limitations of expression and physical constraints, as I do as a gardener around my flower beds and kitchen garden. It is as if I tell myself in either role: attend to this place with imagination, change it by accident or design in response to feeling or need; and then realise that, whatever I may have done, if I have worked honestly and well, I find it has a life of its own.

Hugh Dunsford Wood Wallpaper course

Hugh Dunford Wood

This is also the feeling I get from marrying the gardener and the artist in my wallpaper designs. There is another opportunity for you to share in this adventure.

Over the weekend of 27-28 March SAW will be hosting the spring Wallpaper Workshop,

Hugh Dunford Wood wallpaper weekend

where over a mere two and a bit days I will guide ten lucky designers in creating their own handprinted wallpapers from Lino blocks that they will design, cut and print to all of our delight and amazement. One attendee reported that she had not had so much fun since she was a teenager, another warned that on her return home she was going to redesign her rooms, her family and her dog. So beware, this weekend workshop is serious fun and can lead to an addiction in pattern making. For further information email

Hugh Dunford Wood

Matthew Davison

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