Who is this suitable for?

Requirements for entry:

This is for anyone wanting to really change to a conscious life.

For someone who wants to hold constellations groups, this is the first year.

People who have already worked with me but really want to have the time and space to go deeper.

Anyone who feels burdened and has never really understood why. Perhaps with a difficult family history and wanting to honour, respect and heal it, not just for themselves but also their children and their ancestors.

If you struggle in business and success in the working world.

To join “The Returning”

You need to have met and worked with me on a least one group or within one to one sessions.

You need to write to me and tell me why you would like to join. (Around 500 /700 words.)

You will need to commit to the whole year, all four groups.

Health history required.

Numbers are limited.

Please make your application to premcharaka@hotmail.com

Practical Information

Groups are currently held near Honiton in Devon at the school of Arts and Wellbeing.

It offers a variety of accommodation from either camping, a dormitory and a few private rooms.

It is possible to arrive the night before, but you have to leave on the day the group ends, which is around 4pm.

Food is all vegetarian.

Each level costs £450

Payments can be made monthly. All payments are made 2 months before each module.

In event of cancellations, a student is allowed to join on the following year. Payments are not returned.

Held at a the School of Art & Wellbeing’s studio which is nestled in a little corner of exquisite Devon countryside with a view all the way to Dartmoor and only one mile from the market town of Honiton with a direct train line to London Waterloo, the art school is set in 15 acres of wild flower meadows, formal gardens, orchard, beech walk, vegetable plot and a secret Forest Garden to wander in.

About Charka Danaher

  Charaka has been working as a therapist, healer and teacher for thirty years. Her love, teaching and dedication to Family Constellations began as soon as she met this incredible work. She has trained with the founder of the family constellation work, Bert Hellinger, and many other excellent teachers.
Her approach is to allow the work itself to show what is needed, without much information being imparted before hand, providing a safe and private space for each person, even in a group setting.

“This work changed my life, and the lives of many, which I have had the honour to work with. It brings joy happiness and connections back that have been lost, often through no fault of our own. A fast effective and non-intrusive method. I find it to be a teacher of wisdom, acceptance, and a truth about the orders of life. Once they are understood and honoured the flow of love is restored.

Chararka Danaher

Charaka Danaher – The Returning | 5 day course | April

The Returning

Family Constellations with Charaka Danaher

The Returning is about returning to our original nature, stillness, presence; from this place all is possible. As a natural consequence of this, whatever we do is enhanced, flowing and coming from love and not fear. Then what we share in life takes on a different quality, not that of mind, and expectations, but of freshness, openness and presence. Bert Hellinger called this “working with the spirit mind”. 

In life we sometimes meet behaviour patterns such as aggression, rejection, depression, addiction, to name a few, in ourselves and others, that we do not understand or enjoy. This can be because we are entangled with family members from the past and this can happen even if we know nothing about them. This is a carefully planned journey starting with birth, moving though parental issues, health, relationship to death and returning to stillness. 

Level 1

17,18,19,20 April

We look at our relationships with our parents but not through talking or mind. We work using Family Constellations and meditations. In this module we focus on the early life and interrupted movements with the parents. An interrupted movement is about early separation from one or both parents.

The work is practical and transforming. This year you are here to clear what prevents flow in your world, what stops your magnificence shining though. Each level is backed up with video sessions, paperwork, shamanic sessions and meditations that support each level of the work. 

Level 2

10.11,12,13 July

Health of the body is our focus. Illness and how it may flow down families, how our relationships can affect our health and well being. We look at how guilt and atonement play out. Often the solution lies on another level, the level of the spirit mind. On this level we use meditations that can improve health.

Level 3

16,17,18,19 October 

This level is all about relationships. Including what supports love relationships, bonding in relationships, how to separate peacefully, what affects couple relationships in negative ways, the giving and taking exchange, the affects of the family system on relationships, former partners, understanding what helps couples relationships. Also with meditations for connection and clearing. 

Level 4

15,16,17,18 January 2021

This level looks into working with our relationship with death. How we can be pulled to death, by our family and the events of the past in our family. Suicide, early death, war, death in child birth, and murders. The events of our past and our families past affects us now and our relationship with life. We will do meditations, film nights, and a community night. All students will receive their own work, there is group work and an art work session.

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