Lizzie Mee – Landscape Linocut | 2 day course | October

October 24th & 25th 2020

A two day course that explores Explore the reduction linocut process through Devon landscapes, you will learn how to create texture using pattern, register a linocut block and try printing in a range of colours to create your own landscape image. As the course is over two days, we’ll be able to explore how to go from drawing to print. I’ll also guide you through the process of registration which will mean that you’ll be able to experiment with layers. You will be able to have between 4-6 finished works by the end of the weekend and will have been able to explore colour, light and form in landscape.

For those who have enjoyed a bit of printmaking before or enjoy painting but would like to expand their knowledge of layers, colour, texture and landscape.


To book Lizzie’s class or workshop please contact her directly


T: 0794 277 6498


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There'll be a range of demonstrations throughout the day and you should complete 2-3 prints to take away. I will cover how to transfer drawings onto your linocut and will show you how to blend colours when printing.
Each participant will be able to explore their own ideas to create a their own unique blocks and will be encouraged to experiment with a range of colour combinations. I will share my own work and practice during this two day workshop. For those who have already attended my workshops, this will be a natural progression to further your printmaking skills and explore the themes of nature, pattern and print.


£125 for a weekend course October 24th & 25th 2020


About the tutor

Lizzie Mee

Lizzie Mee

Lizzie Mee’s prints often explore plant life/botanical themes. She has also made work with links to historical research. Some of her abstract patterned prints are a meditation on the roles of women, time and the success and failure of art to change lives (and what that might mean).
“I think of my art as a means of looking at the world in fresh ways. Depending on the motivation behind the work it can be tense, comfortable or melodic. Most of my works involve pattern, as well as natural/organic forms. I like to think of my works as a lightly layered surface and I’m aiming for a meditative experience of looking.
I love my teaching and I love print so it seems like a natural thing to do them together. I always bring lots of ideas and examples as it’s useful for people to see the possibilities. It’s also important to teach quite a few skills (often through demonstrations) but I am most pleased when people have managed to pursue their own idea and found their own language in print. I think the process of making art is very individual. The confidence to enjoy a new process enough to explore it for yourself does take a bit of time but a workshop is a really good way to start.”


T: 0794 277 6498

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