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On the 10 weeks of classes you will be exploring the unique properties of watercolour in a relaxed, friendly setting. All abilities are welcome, the only quality required is to have an inquisitive approach to materials.
The classes will be focusing on a water theme: Waterscapes, seascapes, light, reflections, seashore plants, rocks and shells. Along with traditional methods of wet on wet, washes and glazing we will be creating effects through experimenting with unconventional tools, materials and mixed media. Much of our work will be in developing techniques that capture the translucency of water.

To book Louise’s classes please contact her directly

T: 01395223048

E: louisealive@outlook.com

W: louisebanksart.co.uk

14th January – 24th March 2020 2- 4:30pm

Half term is February 17th – 21st 

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This sketchbook based approach is to experiment, understand and enjoy the medium before embarking on a sustained painting. With guidance your own creative research can develop into loose, expressive studies. Watercolour tends to do what it wants, therefore the secret is to strike a balance between control and letting go.
Starting with a Bauhaus approach to colour theory, we will be focusing each week on a different specific hue, using watercolour techniques to create a variety of effects.
The emphasis will be on working in an abstract way with colour and trying to achieve translucent washes before applying line. Along with Watercolour works by Sargent and Turner we will also be looking at the new movement of contemporary watercolour artists such as Alf Lohr and Barbara Nicholls.

About the tutor

Louise Banks

Louise Banks

Tutor Louise Banks studied at Goldsmiths’ College London, has taught art for over 30 years in schools and adult education centres and worked in illustration.
She currently runs weekly Life Drawing classes and art classes in Topsham and Honiton. Examples of her watercolour work can be found on her website.


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