Louise Banks – Life drawing class


Working from an unclothed model we usually start with gestural marks in response to quick poses. Longer poses and a more focused approach to proportions follow. The idea is to capture the basics of human scale without losing the flow!

January 8th  – charcoal, gesso, proportion and mark making.

5th February – Watersoluble coloured pencil line and overdrawings.

4th March – Inks, loose line and wash, light and shadow

1st April – Line over variegated backgrounds (stains, collage and washes)

2- 4:30pm

To book Louise’s classes please contact her directly

T: 01395223048

E: louisealive@outlook.com

W: louisebanksart.co.uk

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Each month different materials and techniques are introduced.  The five main elements of drawing: line, tone, form, space and proportion will be covered. Both expressive and academic approaches will be encouraged and both traditional and unconventional tools are used for drawing.

Learning to ‘see’ rather than just look and abandoning pre conceived ideas which often block effective observational drawing, is at the core of every class which makes these sessions appropriate for all abilities

About the tutor

Louise Banks

Louise Banks

Tutor Louise Banks studied at Goldsmiths’ College London, has taught art for over 30 years in schools and adult education centres and worked in illustration.
She currently runs weekly Life Drawing classes and art classes in Topsham and Honiton. Examples of her watercolour work can be found on her website.


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