My mother, Valerie Mackenzie was a painter all her life so growing up I was surrounded by oil paints and canvases and the smell of turps was never far away. There were visits by wonderful artists coming in and out of the studio day in day out and with this rather unorthodox childhood it was inevitable that I should end up at Art School, firstly Chelsea School of Art Foundation and then Central St. Martins for a BA hons. degree in Textiles and Applied Arts.
Soon I found myself running a small company doing specialist paint finishes in the 80’s and 90’s and building up a reputation that carried me and many assistants later through 20 years of working inside some wonderful houses all over the world.
Teaching followed, primary children first and then adults here in Devon where the demand has grown from strength to strength. This is why we decided to create the School of Art & Wellbeing and open our doors to more courses with new tutors, all of whom have been hand picked for their different methods and approaches offering many varied insights into understanding the creative process. My teaching practice is based on shaking up the old to bring in the new.

“I believe that everyone has the ability to draw and paint given the right environment, the right encouragement and where one’s creative impulse can find a voice…. Come and join us.”

Mary Ann Mackenzie

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